Day 7- Mother Nature Intervenes

We have had fabulous holiday and now, with Mother Nature’s nudge, we have decided it is time to shoot for home.

And, I must say, it will feel extraordinarily wonderful to sleep in my own bed tonight, make a fresh juice in the morning and walk a few less than 17,000 steps tomorrow.

And, now that we have made the camping-rain-call, I feel like a horse for the barn and cannot wait to get home! 🙂


Team G in the Big Apple

New YorkAwakened at 3:00am for our 4:00am departure.

Picked up Max in Pennsylvania and headed to our hotel in New Jersey for a swim and some relaxation.

Headed over the George Washington Bridge for dinner in Manhattan. What a view!!!!

Found a fabulous Japanese restaurant just around the corner from Washington Square. A wander through the square after dinner (with Michael re-living favourite moments from ‘I Am Legend‘!)

It is now 11:00pm and Team G is well and truly pooped!

Goodnight New York…you might not sleep but we certainly will! 🙂


I am thrilled to say that it is finally here. The kids are finished school, I am finished work, the Christmas shopping is done, all the cards are written, all the field trips are complete, the school parties, concerts and events are behind us and the teacher gifts are givenTigger Yipee

I am finished and I am done.

I absolutely loved the Christmas holidays as a kid. I have to say, though, that I love them even more as a parent. I have the next seventeen days with no school lunches to pack, no meetings to attend, no school e-mails to answer, no lost library books to find, no morning rush to slog through and no torturous last minute trip forms to fill out.

And all I can say is…yippeeeeeeeeee!

All that I need to do now, once my vacation alert is set, is to enjoy the fun, the freedom, the joy and the family time that is Christmas.

What a feeling!