Peach Crisp

Zachary and I have had the most deliciously easy day. We both slept until after 9:00 and had a long cuddle before we got up. And, as we were cuddling and not having a care in the world for the time, we decided that the energy of holidays is truly lovely.

Peach CrispWe went on a bike ride after breakfast this morning with my parents and my aunt and uncle and then stopped for some gelato by the pier.

This afternoon has seen us lounging by the pool, playing Scrabble and making a peach crisp.

Zachary and I had a ball making the crisp together and taste-testing the crumble topping until we got it just right. And, as we stood shoulder to shoulder at the counter, I was hit by a wave of love and peacefulness that was so strong it almost made me cry. There is just nothing on earth as lovely as time spent in the company of an adorable child.

Oh…life feels so good! 🙂

A Collective Sigh

The grocery shopping is done. The laundry is done. The school lunches are packed. The school bags are ready by the front door and my kids are looking a wee bit downhearted. I, on the other hand, am feeling a distinctive spring in my step. The new term starts again at 8:50am tomorrow morning and I must say, as much as we love the family holiday time, I really think we are all ready to go our separate ways after breakfast.2014 January Back To School

The only possible wrinkle in the back-to-school plan is the fact that we are under a Freezing Rain Warning and that the flash freeze is supposed to hit just before the morning rush. A Snow Day during term is one thing. A snow day right on the heels of seventeen days of holidays is a little harder to get behind. I will tuck my kids into their beds tonight with fingers crossed that Mother Nature will be generous and that the new term will commence as planned.

I am always so delighted when holidays begin and so ready to get back into routine by the time they are winding down.

Is it just the wintry wind outside my window? Or are parents everywhere breathing a collective sigh of relief?sigh-of-relief

The ‘ing’ Family

I know, it sounds like something out of a Dr. Suess book. But it is true, we are indeed The ‘ing’ Family. As the mother of three very active boys, I learned very early on that weekends and holidays are the time for intense physical activity. Three PuppiesSimon and I call the boys ‘the puppies’ because they need to be run at least three times a day or they wrestle, fight and rip the house apart. And guess whose fault it is if the house gets ripped apart? You guessed it, the parents who were too lazy to run their young whippersnappers!

And the delicate balance of a successful family holiday is contingent upon this daily practice!

I have been roaring around all day picking up, dropping off, grocery shopping and looking for that one last elusive gift. I am pooped. But guess where we are going at 6:00pm on a rainy Friday night? Swimming at the local pool. There is nothing I would like to do more than to settle in with a cup of tea and my Kobo. However, I know that our evening will be wildly successful if the kids spend an hour in the pool before settling in for their evening. And a wildly successful evening for them means, you guessed it, a wildly successful evening for me.

So here is what lies ahead for The ‘ing’ Family for the next sixteen days;

  • Swimming
  • Tobogganing
  • Skiing
  • Skating
  • Ice hockey playing
  • Hiking
  • Trampolining
  • Snowman making
  • Shovelling
  • Bowling
  • Laser Tagging
  • Snowball Fighting
  • Snow fort building
  • Snowy road hockey playing

Maybe it looks like an exhausting-sounding holiday but really it’s a ton of fun and so are the puppies! And my Radical Act is to embrace the fun, the laughter, the competition, the rosy cheeks, the invigorating outdoors and the fact that my fitness level is what it is because I live as a passionately active member of the ‘ing’ family.

Dr. Suess

Who knows, maybe I’ll write a book someday…

’I live in a house full of boys, who make such incredible noise.
They laugh and they play all through the long day…’

 Well, it’s a start…move over Dr. Suess!