Different Next Year

It is April 24th. The sun is shining, there is not a cloud in the sky and all I want to do is to be outside basking in the glory of it.

download (44)But where do I find myself instead?

Sitting at my dining room table completely surrounded by hours and hours of work. A year of receipts, unopened mail and scraps of paper that could potentially save me hundreds of dollars on my taxes.

Every year I promise myself that it will be different. That I will stay uber-organized so that tax-time is a breeze. I promise myself that receipts will be filed in their appropriate places and it will just be a matter of handing my neat little piles over to the accountant.

But, somehow, by the end of May, the urgency fades and the impetus to keep to my system feels less sexy and compelling.

Maybe this year will be the one that I stay on top of…hmmmmmmm! 🙂


Fierce Intention

I’ve been fighting a cold all week. By the time I got through dinner last night I felt rotten. Slept badly and woke up feeling worse.

I have a camp reunion tomorrow night that I have been looking forward to for about four months and I am bitterly bummed that I might miss it. There will be people there that I have not seen in thirty years. People that helped to shape my camp experience and my early life experience. People I lived with, laughed with, cried with, sang with, and loved deeply. Not to mention my oldest friend, Sarah, who made my camp life fun and magical and incredibly special.

I am absolutely determined to be there so I have been alternating between salt water and lemon water all day…I can’t even imagine how many litres of water I have consumed.

So here’s my fierce intention…I intend to sleep like a baby tonight. I intend to awaken tomorrow morning feeling like me. And, I intend to go to my camp reunion and have an amazing time!

So there…!!!!!!! 🙂