Max is out skateboarding. That is his passion.

Zachary is at the hockey arena for select team tryouts. That is his passion.

PassionI am writing. That is my passion.

Passion…that feeling of compete and utter purpose and joy and delight.

Michael has not yet discovered his passion. Today I took him to a karate studio for a tour and a lesson and, for the first time, I saw a glimmer of passion. He kicked, he punched, he blocked. And the look on his face made my heart sing.

If there is one thing I want to do with my kids, it is to help them explore and discover their own unique brand of passion. I want them to go through life knowing that feeling of deep and thrilling purpose.

I want their hearts to sing.

Today is an extraordinary day because Michael caught a glimmer and I could feel his heart take flight! 🙂Follow Your Passion


My New Mantra

More than enough. Always enough.

My new mantra came to me today as I was driving through the sunshine and the beautiful fall colours of the Niagara Escarpment on my way to a lunch date with my girlfriend, Cheryl.

As I drove through the splendour of fall, my mantra literally downloaded into my consciousness. And, at that very moment I felt a rush of joy so big and so wonderful my eyes stung with the beauty of it. And I realized that I have never felt more abundant, alive, and on purpose than I do at this very moment!

MagicAnd there is so much more on its way;

  • More fun
  • More love
  • More laughter
  • More peace
  • More joy
  • More money
  • More abundance
  • More balance
  • More play
  • More prosperity
  • More bliss
  • More attraction
  • More manifesting
  • More happiness
  • More of the work I LOVE so much
  • More creativity
  • More passion
  • More appreciation
  • More magic
  • More connection
  • More fulfillment
  • More energy
  • More health
  • More fitness
  • More wellness

More than enough. Always enough.

An extraordinary Friday indeed! 🙂

Time Traveller

45 RecordI was in grade six when Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band released their album entitled; Against the Wind. In June of that year I celebrated my twelfth birthday.

That birthday stands out as one of my best because my big brother, Jim, gave me the 45 single release of Against the Wind. I spent hours in my parents’ basement listening to that song over and over again.

I just loved it!

Flash forward to September 3rd, 2014 and I am in my kitchen making dinner for my family. Against the Wind starts playing on my iPad and I am immediately transported back twenty-four years. I am back in that basement getting ready for my birthday party with my friends. I am wearing my canary yellow shirt with the matching pants (oh dear!!!). And before my friends arrive, I am making sure that Against the Wind is the 45 sitting on the record player so it will be the song that kicks off my party.

I have always wished that I could travel back in time. The idea of having the opportunity to visit or to re-visit the past just fascinates me.

Isn’t it extraordinary to think that, tonight, I did just that?!? 🙂Against the Wind




August FoodWe are heading home tomorrow morning to prep for our end-of-summer family trip to New York City.

As we sat down to our dinner tonight, I was hit by a feeling of deep appreciation for the bounty of August. Fresh corn, sweet peaches and divine field tomatoes that actually taste like sunshine. And straight from the farmers field a few hours ago.

Aren’t we lucky to live in a corner of the world with such incredible and delicious bounty?!?

Mom and I are, at this very moment, tucking into fresh peaches with my homemade vanilla cream…absolutely and exceptionally divine! 🙂

All the Diamonds

One of the aspects of this blogging project that I love the most is the invitation to seek out and capture the extraordinary in the ordinary of my day-to-day life. When I started this project I wondered if I could actually find something Radical enough or extraordinary enough to blog about every day.

Well, I needn’t have worried about that!

BlogMost days there are so many extraordinary tid-bits that I want to capture, it is hard to pick just one. It is amazing to me to realize how truly extraordinary life is. And, that it is the noticing of all the little things that make it so.

This morning, as I was heading into Toronto to run my workshops, the traffic on the highway was congested, so the GoBus driver dropped down onto Lakeshore Blvd. I am one of the few people who do not sleep on the bus so I have the opportunity to meditate, read, and look out the window as the world is going by. This morning, after meditating, I did not feel like reading so it was a window morning.

And, man, was there ever a lot going on down by the waterfront in Toronto this morning!

Lakeshore Bike PathJoggers, cyclists, kids, old people, dogs, tennis players, roller bladers, tai chi masters, rowers and sailors. As I observed it all, I realized that it was the people out walking that seemed to capture my interest and imagination the most. Some of them were walking briskly all dressed for work, some were strolling at a leisurely pace with no discernable destination in mind, and some were all decked-out in their athletic finery and power walking. And then there were my personal favourites; the old women with their huge sunglasses, their freshly done hair, their massive sun visors placed just-so on their heads and their teeny-weeny and yappy dogs.

Am I going to look like that someday? Oh dear!

I was thoroughly enjoying watching and appreciating the motley crew of people taking advantage of the beautiful summer morning as we made our way into the city and I felt a deep sense of well-being settle over me.

The feeling of well-being, however, was soon replaced with heart-stopping awe as the morning sun hit the lake at just the right angle to light it up like millions of sparkling diamonds. It was so beautiful I almost wanted to cry with the sheer wonder of it.

And that feeling has been with me all day.

Isn’t it amazing to think of how many of those heart-stopping moments of awe pass us by in the course of a regular day?

And, I wonder, what would be the impact if we were all taking the time to notice even just a few of the extraordinaries nestled so brilliantly within the ordinary?yLPld


LA Kings

My sweet little Michael is die-hard LA Kings fan!

Stanley CupMichael has stood firm in his love for the Kings since mid-playoffs 2012 and has been unwavering even against the pressure from the three passionate Toronto Maple Leafs fans in our household.

Michael has all kinds of Kings paraphernalia; a teddy bear, a hat, stickers, hockey cards, a t-shirt, a fan magazine, a puck, and, most importantly, an LA Kings jersey with Jonathan Quick’s name embroidered on the back. Since the playoffs began two months ago I think that jersey has been washed a sum total of three times. He sleeps in it, wears it to school and proudly dons it while he cheers his team to victory.

Well, this is a big night for Michael. His beloved Kings are up three games to one in their series final against the New York Rangers. They have home ice advantage and a win tonight means that Michael will get to witness the stunning drama of his team’s victory- complete with the kissing of the cup!

I am not even a hockey fan and my stomach is full of butterflies!

Go Kings! 🙂LA Kings