Extraordinarily Verdant

Today was supposed to be just a regular work-from-home day.

But it was anything but regular.

Feet in the GrassThe day was so warm and so lovely that all the windows and all the doors were flung open to receive the scents, the sounds and the constant breeze dancing through my house. It was just so wonderful to sit at my desk and feel the spring all around me that I felt as if I had delightfully puckish company with me while I worked.

My work for the day is done now and I find myself in my lovely little postage stamp of a backyard with my feet in the lush grass.

I find it extraordinary to think that two months ago this same patch of my backyard was knee-deep in snow. And today, here I sit feeling the earth beneath my feet pulsating with life.

I’m not sure it gets much more extraordinary than that! 🙂



It’s All Right

cartoon-sun-hiLittle darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

– George Harrison

It is a holiday Monday and I spent the afternoon in the backyard with my feet in the grass and my face turned up the sun.

It is a warm 25 degrees Celsius. The kids are playing, the birds are singing their hearts out and the exuberance of spring has taken hold. I have all the windows and doors open and I can feel the high vibration of spring moving the fugginess of winter out of our lives.

George Harrison couldn’t have said it better…it really is all right!


It is a stunningly beautiful Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting in my backyard enjoying my beautiful green salad and the fabulous spring sunshine. As I turned my face up to the sun a few moments ago I could feel my whole Psyche responding to the energy of the sun. And as I connected with Father Sun I was also called to connect with the vibration of Mother Earth.

So here I sit with my pants rolled up, my shoes and socks off and my feet in the grass. And while I fill my body with green and vibrant food I am filling my soul with the energy of Spring and life and the vibrancy that I have been hungering for these past few bleak months of winter.

Welcome Spring! 🙂

The Return of the Hunchbacks

We awakened this morning to winter…freezing temperatures and blustery snow swirling by our windows. As I walked out to our High Street this morning to do some shopping for dinner, I noticed ‘the return of the hunchbacks’. People were all hunkered back into their winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves. Nobody made eye contact and there were no warm and happy greetings to be had. Even in my favourite health food store the mood was somber and heavy.

We truly have had enough of winter. It was hard on us and we have earned every warm and sunny day that is on the horizon. The kids and I have made a pact; that we will not complain, even once, when the sweltering heat of the summer descends upon us. We have promised each other that we will enjoy the barbeques in the backyard, the road hockey, the frisbee in the park and the late nights that don’t require even the lightest jacket.

And, while spring does eventually triumph over winter, we will enjoy the renewed life purpose and feeling of exuberance that is as much a harbinger of spring as the beautiful robin digging worms out of the lawn.

And, I don’t know about you, but my poor spine could sure use some straightening time! 🙂


Reaching for the Sun

I woke up this morning to a grey and cold-looking sky. When I came downstairs I noticed that there had been snow in the night and the ground was covered with our much-accustomed white. As I observed my family slowly waking up and making their way downstairs, the feeling was one of despondence and disappointment.

The unspoken plea on all of our lips was; when is spring going to arrive?wordSpring

By 10:00 this morning the sky had cleared and the sun came out to light the morning with all its brilliance. As the morning sun poured through our eastern-facing windows I noticed that the flat of pea sprouts that I have sitting in my dining room were all leaning toward the window. As I noticed this endearing phenomenon, it occurred to me that we are all reaching for the sun at the moment. After the long and very cold winter we have had, we need some sunshine.

And, I am delighted to report, that today we got it.

download (34)By noon, there was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was in the double digits. Simon and I went out for a walk mid-afternoon and it was absolutely delightful to see the park full of parents, dogs and kids, the streets full of bicycles and the sidewalks and benches full of people in their sunglasses and their ear-to-ear smiles.

As I waved to my neighbour, John, from across the street, he called out to me with an exuberant; ‘we made it.’

Yes, indeed, we made it. We made it through the longest and harshest winter that I can recall. And even if there is another little blast of winter, we have made our way out the other side. The icing on the cake is that the sun is going to stick around and the temperatures are going to stay in the double digits for the next two days to usher in the beautifully verdant month of April.

And so, thanks to the precious gift of a stunningly beautiful spring day, my beloved family will go to bed tonight with a renewed energy of hope, happiness and health. And all it took was a simple dose of sunshine.sunshine

Drip-Drops Keep Falling on my Head

When I got off the GoBus at Union Station today the sun was shining and the buildings were dripping. And as much as the drips were wreaking havoc with my corporate hair-do, I absolutely loved the feeling of enough warmth in the air that the snow was starting to melt.images (24)

And I wasn’t the only one.

Everywhere I looked people were smiling, chatting happily with each other and wearing their sunglasses. And, I also realized, we were walking with our heads up for the first time in months. There is a very distinctive look about people who are walking from place to place in the winter. It’s a wonder we are not all hunchbacks by the end of the season.

I know that the thermometer is supposed to take another plunge in a few days, but today we had a little taste of spring…and it was truly delicious!cartoon-sun-hi


I am a winter lover. I love the snow, the cold, and the winter storms. I love rosy cheeks, skiing, skating, tobogganing and the sound of the crunchy snow under my boots.

coldWhen I awakened at dawn to another dark and very cold morning, however, I felt a weariness in my spirit. I am feeling a little tired of this severe winter weather. It has been so bitterly cold and so harsh that even I, winter-lover-extraordinaire, am struggling to keep up my usual winter enthusiasm.

I decided that a Zumba class would help with my winter blahs so I donned my workout gear and headed for the gym after school drop-off. There is absolutely nothing pretty about me in a Zumba class but I had a ton of fun and worked up a good sweat. The next stop was a quick visit to my local grocery store for a few essentials before returning home to my desk and the pile of work awaiting my attention.

pink-tulips-75023When I walked through the doors of the grocery store I was met by a huge display of beautiful spring flowers and my mood was instantly transformed. There was something about the colour of all those blooms that just lifted my spirit and delighted my senses. I decided that I needed some of that colour to accompany me home so I ventured into the cooler and came out with a sizable bunch of my signature flower…the soft pink tulip.

When I arrived home I enthusiastically threw out the last two lingering Christmas poinsettias. Enough already…Christmas is way behind us and spring is ahead.

The moment I unwrapped my tulips from their packaging the energy in my house shifted from winter blahs to spring possibility and hope. My beautiful tulips are sitting in the centre of my dining room table and they look happy, lively, and expectant. Isn’t it amazing how a $7.99 purchase can shift the psyche so Radically?

My trusty iPad just informed me that we are currently under a Snowfall Watch and could see up to 25cm of snow in the next twenty four hours. As much as I adore a good winter storm, I have to admit that I am leaning into the energy of those tulips as they remind me that spring is only six weeks away!images (16)