The Invitation

I watched my sister get married three days ago. I watched as she joined her life with a man she loves deeply. I watched her nine-year-old daughter hold her hand all the way through the ceremony. And I watched as her beloved looked deep into her heart and said; ‘I do‘.

The InvitationThe sun was shining, the birds were singing and their backyard garden looked absolutely lovely.

It was one of those delightful casual weddings that probably only happens the second time around when the bride and groom have the wisdom and maturity to celebrate in a way that suits them just so. There was no formal seating during the ceremony so I got to stand right up front with my back to the fence and witness, at eye level, my sister’s dreams came true.

It just so happened that Simon was standing directly across from me on the other side of the garden.

It was such a gift to have the opportunity to watch Simon from afar during the ceremony. I had the chance to look at him and appreciate how handsome he looked in his gorgeous suit. I got to appreciate his warmth, his poise, his deep love of our nieces and nephews as he held our baby nephew for part of the ceremony. And, as my two sisters-in-law got up to read The Invitation so beautifully, I had the opportunity to lock eyes with him and speak volumes without one word being spoken between us.

After twenty-three years in relationship it is so easy to slide into the mundane; who unloads the dishwasher, who does the laundry and who pays the bills. It’s so easy to forget that those are not the most important things. The Invitation reminded me that it has only ever been about daring to dream, dancing with wildness, and standing in the centre of the fire without shrinking back.

Kind of feels like I got married the other day.

I love you Simon! xo:)invitation



Love Hangover

Love HangoverSmiling…

And now…I am, quite simply, full-to-bursting from the unbridled love of this past weekend!

It’s 7:45 on this sunny Sunday night and I am off to bed… 🙂


Spent the day with my mom and Max at my sister’s house doing flowers. It was so much fun listening to music, creating beauty, and getting the house and garden ready for the wedding.

DaisiesThe tent in their backyard looks incredibly gorgeous and my sister, as usual, has created a look of warmth, elegance and beauty.

My brother, sister-in-law and gigantically tall nephews arrived mid-afternoon and it was so heartwarming to be reunited with the portion of my family that lives so far away.

Tonight we hosted a beautiful rehearsal party at my aunt and uncle’s house a few minutes from my sister’s. They have a beautiful backyard and a pool so the kids had a blast. The food was amazing and the two guitars and singing added a fun energy.

My mom and dad and I are sleeping at my aunt and uncle’s house tonight so we are sitting around doing that awesome post-party debrief.

Off to Toronto in the morning to have my hair done with my mom, sister, sisters-in-law, and my niece.

Oh, just having the BEST weekend! 🙂

Leaning In…

My sister’s wedding is on Saturday!

Love CloudsMy mom and I have been cooking madly today to get all the food ready for the rehearsal party tomorrow night.

My brother and his family fly in from Vancouver tomorrow afternoon. The Cook family will be its full compliment of twenty people by this time tomorrow night.

Could NOT be more excited!

Posts over the coming days will be short and sweet as I am leaning into the love, the celebration and the FUN!

Yahooooooo! 🙂

Girls’ Day Out

Girls Day OutJust finished painting my toes a very hot pink.

My new outfit is packed and ready for its debut.

My sexy black strappy high-heeled sandals are nestled into my suitcase.

Massage at the spa, rooftop patio overlooking Toronto for cocktails and then a delicious dinner at a funky bistro on Queen Street East.

And to top it all off? A sleepover with my sister (the bride).

I can’t wait.

Gotta love a girls’ day! 🙂

Winter White

1805263-ust-married--cartoon-illustration-of-a-wedding-couple-in-fair-skin-toneEighteen years ago today I married my sweetheart. It was a stunningly beautiful day in early March. The sun was shining and the air was crisp and cold.

It was a day that I will never forget.

There was something so incredible about having 175 friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, new in-laws and my beloved grandmother, Nanny, all gathered around us to help celebrate our marriage and our love for each another.

There are so many special memories that come to mind as I cast my mind back so many years. And I am holding each and every one of them close to my heart today as I lean into the significance, the joy, the celebration and the love that was so very present as I pledged my future to my beloved Simon.