The Thing About…

Enjoy the Silence_1As the mother of three sons, I seek out and deeply appreciate the quiet moments which present themselves in my life. And when I notice a quiet moment, I delve into the peace, lean into the silence and just allow my thoughts to drift.

Driving alone in my car is one of my favourite drifting spots.

My drifting moment this morning occurred just after the Gong Show of school drop-off and before I arrived to meet my girlfriend for tea.

BLQ-Eckhart-Tolle-resistance-Go-with-the-flow-quotes-and-best-life-lessons-300x300I was driving with the radio off, of course, when it struck me how energetically clear, focused and optimistic I was feeling. It felt almost as if a heavy pall had been lifted from my body, my mind, and my spirit. And as that thought was landing, it also occurred to me that the things in my life that I persistently resist, because I think they will be too hard, are the ones that end up being the most fantastic.

Even if I don’t realize it at the time, looking back on the thing I thought I couldn’t do, I can always see an incredible gift. Each and every Radical Act, from the least significant to the most, is truly incredible. My most recent Radical Act doesn’t need a few days, weeks or months for me to appreciate its quantum effect on my life. This Radical change of lifestyle is making itself felt in real-time.

So here’s the thing about the Radical Act…sometimes they seem like the worst case scenario, the scariest, the hardest, and the most risky. But really, they are incredible opportunities to venture way outside of the comfort zone without a safety net and to be reminded that we are all truly rocks stars of transformation!


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